To Stop A Thief: Making A Case For Home Security Systems

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The property crime statistics in the United States are truly appalling. In 2012, there were 2,103,787 burglaries and 6,150,998 cases of petty larceny, according to the FBI. Of these property crimes, 74.5% of burglaries occurred at residences and household larceny accounted for 68.5% of all property crimes. Could home monitoring systems play a role in decreasing the likelihood of a property crime? What Deters Property Crimes A recent study of burglaries and other crimes, conducted by Rutgers University, found that alarms play an important role...

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Two Important Features Of Your Home Theater System

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The television has become an iconic fixture in the modern American living room. Americans spend a lot of their leisure time watching movies, television shows, listening to music, or playing video games. This sort of investment deserves a quality experience, one supported by a home theater system from a place like A Tech Security. For those ready to invest in the living room experience, here a few tips for transforming your living room into the ultimate leisure location. 1. TV- Televisions come in all shapes and sizes, and picking out the...

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Maintaining Security Monitoring In Remote Locations

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If your data center, server or other Information Technology (IT) assets are in remote locations, there is still a need to keep tight security. It isn’t easy to staff a skilled, physical network security team in an area where no one wants to live, but a remote security service can keep an eye on your systems without setting foot in the area. Consider a few safeguards and techniques that can keep your distant systems safe. Audits, Live Monitoring And Access Just as with physical security, a remote security specialist will not have their...

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Get Your Company’s Website Increased Traffic With These Great Tips

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In order for your company’s website to help your business, you need to make sure people actually visit the website. Traffic is the name of the game. Getting people to visit your website is an ongoing process. The guideline below offers the tips you need to use to get people to your site. Create A Social Media Presence  Social media is a great tool that allows you to communicate with people without having to pay a dime. Using free sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn will allow you to build an online presence before...

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Outdoor TV Options For Your Home

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On nice summer nights you don’t want to sit inside the house watching movies. You want to go outside and watch movies. It is possible to have an outdoor move theater to enjoy the weather, scenery, and movie without having to go to a local park event or drive-in theater. Choose one of these outdoor TV options that fit your lifestyle and budget the best. Outdoor TV There are actual TVs designed for use outdoors. Most are used commercially, but you can purchase one for your own home. These TVs have LCD screens that are waterproof so you...

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The Development Of MPEG-4 For Mobile Devices

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The proliferation of mobile devices since the mid-1990s has greatly increased the need for technology that supports these devices. Users have a great need for mobile devices with video and audio capability so they can make videos, listen to music and view content. MPEG-4 is currently one of the most popular methods of handling audio-visual data for mobile devices. Overview MPEG-4 designated a standard for many audio and video formats when it was introduced in 1998. The ISO/IEC Moving Picture Experts Group agreed on these standards under...

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3 Industries That Use 3D Animation

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While animation is a great source of entertainment through movies and television, it is capable of much more practical uses in various industries. 3D technology is being explored, updated, and applied in several industries, including construction, health, and mining. Each of these utilize animation in different ways, but to greater and more efficient effect. 1. Construction Application Traditionally, floor plans for construction have been flat, looking down from above by each floor of a building. On a construction site, a trailer would house...

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Features Galore: The Many Versions Of Modern TVs

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When you shop for a new TV, it shouldn’t be all about size. There are several other factors to consider before you buy a new TV. Here are several types of TVs that are being sold today, as well as recent advancements in TV technology that can help make your decision easier. Picture Quality Has Improved: HDTV The quality of the picture on TV screens has advanced quickly over the past decade, plus change. For a long time, the only option when it came to buying a new TV was to buy an analog TV. This is the kind that only received shows...

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Collaboration On The Go For Insurance Agents

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With mobile phones, tablet computers and laptops, it may be tempting to use free email services to send and receive files. While email services are a good way to transfer information, there are better ways to share files and allow different team members to work on a project. Insurance agents who need to go back and forth on documents can get work done faster if they’re able to check on information in real time. Consider a few ways to collaborate on the go with mobile devices. Cloud Solutions For Mobile Agents There are many products on...

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How to Troubleshoot Your Flat Screen TV

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There is nothing worse than coming home from a long day of work, kicking your shoes off, falling back into your favorite chair and turning on your TV, only to find something is not right on the device. You might try all sorts of things to get the TV back to normal, from unplugging it and plugging it back in to bopping it on the top of the TV to any number of methods, yet still nothing works. Instead of instantly trashing it, it is far easier to perform some general troubleshooting. You might find that you can correct the problem yourself and,...

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